Our Services

Crabtree Technology is a technological based company that focuses much on the generation changes, we therefore offer a number of services to our esteemed clients. Below are some of the services we offer.

  • Networking
  • Website Development
  • System Development
  • Industrial Training


Crabtree Technology minds much on development and changing technology. Be the first to get yourself connected and enjoy the new technological change....

  • Network Administration
  • System Administration
  • Computer Repair & Maintenance
Crabtree Technology minds much on development and changing technology. Be the first to get yourself connected and enjoy the new technological change. We focus so much on how the world is connecting. We therefore do a lot as far as Network is concerned, we do a number of installations in areas such as:
  • LAN, WLAN & WAN installation.
  • CCTV Camera installation.
  • Router & Switch management.
Are you in need of a system administrator? Reach us as soon as possible and get one of our well trained system administrator.
Any technical complications with your computing gadgets? Crabtree Technology is the answer to your problems.


Crabtree Technology minds much on development and changing technology. We therefore have a number of programmers to solve technical related problems by writing programs.

We therefore do a number of problem solvings activities such as:

  • Website Development
  • Website Hosting
  • Web Based Systems / Applications
  • Database
For the reasons of clouding computing, we ease work through helping our clients come up with desired information written and organised in a manner that can be accessed over the browser from any part of the world. For prices, these varies depending on the kind of web pages our client may desire.
Get your website at your clients' computer at an affordable price.
For details regarding hosting plans and payments....... Click Here
Get your system application tracking desired information from services offered anywhere you maybe conviniently. Contact us and get it developed within a short period as you may need at a negotiatable price.
Crabtree Technology minds much on its clients' data. We therefore have provide a secure of handling and managing such kind of information. Get all your information stored and kept a side and can be accessed at your convinient place any time.

Industrial Training

Get further training and find yourself well versed with the technical knowledge in one of these areas:

  • ♠  Networking.
    •  ⋄Network Basics, LAN & WLAN installation, Fibre installation, Routing & Switching.
  • ♠  Programming.
    •  ⋄Basic PHP, Basic HTML & CSS etc.
  • ♠  Computer Basics.
    •  ⋄Software installation etc.
    •  ⋄Hardware installation & maintenance etc.
    •  ⋄Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms Access etc.

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Hosting Plans

We value our customers, therefore came up with fairly prices that is really affordable by our customers.

"Your Pride, Our Pleasure"

Basic Plan

$28.75/ 6 Months
Six Months' Plan

Advanced Plan

$42.86/ Year
Annual Plan

URL - 1

$12.95/ Year

URL - 2

$13.49/ Year

URL - 3

$51.43/ Year |


$21.48/ Year